Wednesday, October 7, 2009

8 minutes of my life that I will not get back

I made the mistake of turning to the last 8 minutes of the Hills. Batgirl and I have debated whether or not we would watch the new season. She said no, I said I would probably check it out. I haven't been able to watch TV lately and the DVR is filling up. I have not DVRed the new season and saw it was on, so, why not let the DVR fill up further and watch the Hills "live" on TV?

There are about 5 reasons I could have come up with if I had given myself a chance to think, but alas. She Pratt is thinner than before (I think her big confession about her previous battle with bulimia was just a way to bring in the anorexia). There was a brief shining Lo moment but Kristin and JustinBobby washed that taste out of my mouth right quick. Remember how JB is irritating and full of stale sound bites? SO IS KRISTIN! So- them, together, on a date made me wish I had four hands to accommodate driving pencils through my eyes are ears at the same time. Will I be back? Eh. Maybe. I would like to say no but I know myself better than that.

PS- the 5 reasons are:
- Kristin
- JB
- Heidi
- Spencer
- Not Lauren