Sunday, December 13, 2009

Those crazy Brits!

I couldn't find anything on TV so I put on BBC America which was showing Britain's Missing Top Model, which for a second I thought must be about how their top model had been kidnapped, then realize they probably meant they were missing having a top model. I wasn't really paying attention, just doing stuff around the apartment, but thought I heard one of them say something about their photo shoot with a prosthetic leg and I thought that seems like a pretty insensitive thing to model a shoot after. So finally I sit down to eat breakfast and start watching the elimination and realize, it's a disabled model competition. A few of the girls are in wheelchairs, one is deaf, and one just appeared to be wearing a cast which last time I checked didn't make you disabled, just a person who broke their arm. I found the whole thing fairly odd. It started me wondering if the "Missing" in the title refers to their disability, and I can't decide how I feel about that. I can only assume that somewhere Tyra Banks is fuming she didn't think of it first.

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Alli said...

Your blogs are making me laugh a lot this week. The broken armed girl reminded me of when michael grills his foot and considers himself disabled.