Monday, February 15, 2010

By the way, how's that album goin?

I've said it before, and I'll say it again--I hate to give attention to Spencer and Heidi but they just keep puttin' themselves out there for target practice. Like when Heidi revealed that she's going to pose for Playboy again (don't worry, this time she'll take off all of her clothes!) to "show off" her "new assets." I imagine the money she makes will help fund another trip to the doctor, since she also mentions that she wants another breast enlargement: "I couldn't get them the size I wanted because they couldn't fit." I'm sorry, but what does that even mean? Couldn't fit...what? Her body? The operating room? A decent world? And why would they, ah, fit this time around? Not to be outdone in soundbite, husband Spencer's response to her assets: "My miracle I live with? I live in a miracle." Miracle my ass, her breasts can't even fit! Sheesh. P.S. repeating a word twice like that only seves to either show that a) you're trying to convince us of what you said, or b) you just learned a new word and want to show off. Miracle, that's a real vocab additon, Spence! Don't hurt yourself!

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