Sunday, March 7, 2010

Micro-blogging on the Oscars.

Batgirl and That Girl watching the Oscars together- updating as necessary sans pictures:

- Kathryn Bigelow (Male Gigolo)- total Mother of the Bride (MOB) dress and she needs to invest in Spanx
- Charlize Theron- Charplease that dress is awful
-George Clooney is verging on Trump hair.
- Jennifer Lopez's ass is so big it needs its own tent- BLOG IT! (Brett)
- Heath Ledger isn't going to present this year- thanks for pointing that out, E! Batgirl was pretty sure they were going to do a Futurama thing and just have his head.
- "If fashion were porn, this dress would be the money shot!" Gaby Sidibe (Precious) on her dress
- We are pretty sure that Kathy Ireland is selling tents- she is really highlighting the benefits of the wonderful tent that reaches all the way down the red carpet- fantastic!
- (On the Oscar's salute to horror films) Alison: Twilight is NOT a horror film! Kate: I'm horrified that it's popular! Brett: BLOG IT!

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