Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Bleak Hole (get it?)

I was intrigued to read online that Hole is getting back together. Of course as a tortured Catholic high school girl I was all about Hole and Courtney Love. I never got to see them play live, though I was supposed to when they toured with Marilyn Manson. Shockingly the tour broke up by the time it would have come to Minneapolis. Who could have foreseen that! Anyway when I read this news my first thought was what kind of voodoo did she perform on the former members to get them to agree to that. The answer is...none of them are actually in on the reunion! It's JUST HER and some other random dudes she probably picked up on the emo street corner. It's just her and her new solo album which apparently is so rockin' that it needs to carry that Hole label. Eric Erlandson, the only other member besides Love who was in every line-up of the band prior to this, is insisting that she just can't slap Hole's name on it as he owns some of the domain. Love, of course, is insisting that she can. And someting about Melissa auf du Mar being really confused, but nobody cares about her.

Maybe it's just me, but I am of the correct opinioin that it DOES NOT COUNT as a reunion unless it's like 80% of the original band. Seriously, one original member? Even if that original member is so larger then life and f'ed up that one would almost count them as several people, still no. I'm not falling for it! Doesn't count as Hole. The end.

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