Friday, July 3, 2009

And now, Mick

Alison: My uncle used to call my mom P.I.A. for Pain in the ass.
Mick: How many brothers and sisters did your mom have?
Alison: There were 15 kids.
Mick: Why didn't they get a TV show?
Alison: Like Joseph and Sophia Plus 15? I don't think they had TLC back then.
Mick: What a fucking scam, TLC. The Learning Channel? That shit stopped being educational in fucking 1998. You can't learn a goddamn thing watching that fucking channel. The only thing you learn is what's wrong with people.


Alli said...

It's no wonder he likes a nautical themed tattoo as he curses like a sailor!

Kate said...

As I would say - MICHAEL- LANGUAGE!!