Tuesday, July 21, 2009

We're failing at this blog

I once again was reading Justin's site's blog and ran across two things I felt that you needed to see too. I'll save the worst for first:

Apparently, an Amsterdam ad agency created this bench for a gym there thinking it would inspire people unfortunate enough to sit down to join the gym. I mean really? This would just inspire me to not sit down and then after a long wait wouldn't you just be cranky when you got on the bus? We don't need to add grumpies to the crazies already riding.

Now this however I think is a genius idea. Little bumper stickers for your kicks. I think these would sell like crazy at like Hot Topic or stores where high school kids shop for things to stand out. Not that I wouldn't buy them too, I mean "Start seeing ants" is just funny. (fyi I really do go out of my way not to step on them)

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