Sunday, July 5, 2009

Vacay the Winehouse way

Say you're planning a trip to the Caribbeans and you want to party like a rock star. Take a cue from Ms. Amy Winehouse and do the following:

1. Become so attached to a local lady working at a bar that you take to calling her Mummy when you go in to drink for hours on end.
2. Form another attachment to the stray dogs you find on the beach and take them all in until hotel management bans you from further doing so.
3. Haven't had enough of drinking and banning? Make a point of downing a lot of rum and wine before you go for a dip in the pool so you can pass out on the grass afterwords. Ta da! Now you're banned from the pool!

Nothing says vacation like unhealthy attachments and bannings. Happy happy hour!

1 comment:

Kate said...

Thanks for nothing, Alison. This REALLY would have been helpful BEFORE we went to Texas. We could have started calling Rick Mummy and forcing Bodey to stay with us! You just ruined my trip. Retroactively.