Thursday, September 3, 2009

From The City to The Hills and back again

Oh my goodness. The City looks like it's going to get pretty good and thankfully no sign of Adam and Allie and Jay, though I will miss Erin. And please God let Olivia fall on her pretty little face. As for The Hills, augh. Look for Stacey the Bartender chilling with Kristin when she's making fun of Brody. I truly don't think I can stomach that show anymore...though I do enjoy the last several seconds of the preview although Heidi and I agreeing on something makes me uneasy.


Alli said...

I just saw a pic of whit and jay togetha

Kate said...

Ooooh I am excited about the City!! The Hills video didn't work but whatever- I'm over it. The City is going to be good.

Alison said...

I'm really annoyed about The Hills trailer, I tried to repost it and it still wouldn't work. It's on anyway if anyone wants to throw up a little.