Sunday, September 13, 2009

Touche Vma's

Ah, VMA's, I've spent one night every year for at least 12 years with you. It hasn't always been smooth sailing (Remember Vegas? Yea I wish I didn't either.) Tonight, I had planned on sending you the Dear John letter that every award show dreads. I sadly feel too old (why is 26 too old for Mtv?) to partake in your silliness, BUT then you pulled me back in with an MJ tribute. (A dastardly plan you minx!) I caved and turned it on. The tribute was great:

So I left the awards on in the background while I made dinner and read my beauty blogs promising myself that I would turn it once I was done BUT then Gaga came out and she was just undeniable:

Then this happened:

So now I was hooked. I thought to myself, "Oh, I'll just wait 'til B is done performing":

Then I went and got my laundry with every intention of watching Lost after folding and I walked in on Pink doing crazy acrobats. Singing upside down deserves an award in itself. Stinkin Mtv hasn't posted the video yet (but of course they've taken down the youtube ones already so I'll post it on a later date).

Fuck! Fine I'll watch the whole show ya jerk, but don't think that one lousy Hova performance satiated my need for some Hip Hop. Seriously, besides Kanye, there was only a whisper of it. I did like Russell Brand, but he was quite edited and non existent toward the end, but that was to be expected after last year's Jonas debacle. Next year I'll give you another chance but let's try for something a little less Twilight and various genres of Pop (not that I loathe either)and a little more variety (and Justin). But, in all seriousness, thanks for not totally making me hate myself for watching. It was a decent night.

Just for good measure I thought I'd add my best dressed:

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Alison said...

Apparently he went on Jay Leno and blamed his behavior on the fact that he never grieved for his mom dying TWO YEARS AGO. Come on, man. That's a stupid excuse. Hey, my ma died, I better ruin a huge moment for a teenager!