Tuesday, September 1, 2009


I'm liking the new show after Runway about the models. I think it's interesting to show the entire model picking process in more detail, especially since they're changing models everytime now. This week was interesting as one model, Fatma, has apparently developed a crush on her designer from the first 2 challenges, Logan. Now I cannot blame girlfriend as he is very pretty, but it was quite humorous to watch her talking about him to another model. She was beside herself because when she told him he liked the fabric he'd picked out he said he thought it would go well with her skin. So of course she's all blah blah blah, he was thinking of ME! Um, sweetie, he was thinking of how best to make HIS design look best on his model. Trust me, he didn't do it to pledge model allegiance to you.

Fast forward to model elimination, when all of the girls are stressing out because no one wants to be picked by Mitchell, who has been in the bottom 2 of the first 2 challenges. So guess who he picks? Why, Fatma of course! She makes her feelings on this clearly known when she is seen walking out on the runway screen clawing at the air. Of course Logan is the next person to go and handles it gracefully. Although he does pick the girl next to Fatma which Fatma of course takes as him being SO very flustered over losing her that he just picks whoever was nearest to her. She goes on and on. Not only has she lost her true love but her new designer can't sew! Oh, the humanity!

I have to say, Mitchell kinda sucks but I do feel for him a little because next challenge I imagine she is going to be quite difficult. Here's hoping he picks the most flattering fabric possible for her. I mean, it's all about her, right?

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