Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Gather round, everyone!

Project Runway's triumphant return is tomorrow, and to celebrate our beloved Mr. Gunn was the guest on tonite's Daily Show. So good to see him again! He's so elegant and poised in his responses to everything! The two highlights for me were:

1. Jon Stewart inquiring if the network switch meant that catchphrases had to change, like instead of Heidi saying "One day you are in, the next day you are out" had to be changed to something like "One day you are in, the next day not so in."

2. Tim discussing in his awesome deadpan demeanor how terrible the beautiful weather in L.A. was. And how it would become overcast and rain a little and suddenly the news would blare "Rainstorm 2008." This is funny because it is true. The minute the weather does something beyond be sunny and gorgeous in L.A. the local news immediately acts like everyone is going to die and then people drive like they've never seen rain before in their life.

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