Friday, August 7, 2009


If you live with or hang around me enough you'll know my penchant for uttering the phrase "Google it" in response to any question. I also of course have a distinct way of saying it (Kate can confirm) which I only wish I could include here. (I will tell you "google" comes out more like "guggle" and the words run together.) So, my new stroke of genius is to take my love of Wikipedia (my general course of action for famous people/movies is Google, IMDB, and Wikipedia, not necessarily in that order) to the next level and make a catchphrase for that as well. What better way to do this then to combine it with my love of rap sounds effects? Imagine this: you ask me a question, and instead of wasting my time with cumbersome phrase "Look it up on Wikipedia," I respond "Wiki-wiki!" You know, like the sound people make when they're imitating a record skipping! Get it? Get it?

I spent a lot of time by myself today, OK?

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