Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Portrait of a baby-crier

So Katherine Heigl went on Letterman to baby-cry about a 17 hour day they had on the set of Grey's Anatomy. Well apparently it's coming back to bite her pretty ass--people from the set have snitched that it was because the studio was accomadating HER schedule (taking time from the day to promote her new movie). Ms. Heigl was hoping to embarass the show by blabbing about the looong day--ruh roh Raggy! Misfire!

I've never watched the show personally. I loved her in Knocked Up though it took away from it a bit when she babycried about how the women characters were portrayed shrewishly. Um, Kath, no one made you make the movie, FYI (although Anne Hathaway had already passed up supposedly, not liking the graphicness of the birthing scene, which is too bad because she would have been hi-larious). Babycrying gets you nowhere but labeled as a baby-crier. So, Katherine Heigl: thumbs down, pacifer in, please and peace out.

P.S. Next time you want to whine about a 17 hour day which no doubt included lounging in your trailer and having people cater to your every whim, talk to someone who actually works an actual 17 hour day, on their feet--I suspect you could start with some of the workers on the set of your horrible, mean little show. I am also available for comment and will happily tell you about the time I woke up at 8 in the morning and got home shortly after 1 AM to chase teenage girls around Disneyland on Christmas Day for non-holiday pay since I was still in the 3 month probation period. Check...MATE.

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Alli said...

It's funny you posted this cause I was telling someone the other day how I agreed with what she said about Knocked up. I really enjoyed the movie but I couldn't help but feel a little insulted. I think it's funny that she complains about Grey's all the time. Mostly because she's like the only person who openly tells how they really feel about their acting gigs. I do however think that the show has gone downhill so I can't imagine we'll hear about her or anyone's feelings for Grey's much longer.