Friday, January 15, 2010

I can't even think of 10 things to operate on besides maybe each finger.

I noticed the new People mag cover yesterday with a formerly familiar face on the cover. Seems that Heidi's admitting she'd addicted to plastic surgery. How addicted? She had--wait for it--TEN procedures in one day! I bet Spencer loved taking care of her during that healing process. I mean no wonder they haven't been out annoying the world! Girl's been bandaged up and recovering! Though how she afforded these many procedures is beyond me since she's also admitted that she spent her life savings on her debut album, which she compares to--wait for it--Thriller. Now, I could regale you with more of her deep thoughts on this album, but I could also post the link where you can listen to one full song and snippets. I think it's supposed to make me want to dance but it's hard to hit the floor when you're resisting the urge to throw up in your mouth. My personal favorite is "Superficial." It really puts a tear in your eye. And by that I mean makes you want to tear it out.

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