Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Riddle me this!

Hey, do you know what shows up on my phone if, say, Alli calls me? It says her number and "Alli." What about Kate? It has her number and "Kate." Why? Because we're good friends! I know them well! I don't need it say their last name! I don't look at the phone and think, hmm, Alli, Alli, I think I know her...The only time I add last names to contacts is if there's multiples, and even then it's usually just a last initial. So can someone please tell me why, WHY, when characters look at their cells on shows and movies is there a first and last name? Especially when we know who it is too? Like when Veronica calls Wallace it comes up on his phone as "Veronica Mars." WE KNOW WHO SHE IS. HE KNOWS WHO SHE IS. They're BFFS! She's the title character for christ sake! Or when Jack calls Kate it comes up as "Jack Shepard." THEY WERE STUCK ON AN ISLAND TOGETHER! Of course she knows who it is! There's only one Jack on the show! We know you know them and who they are! We don't need a reminder! Sheesh!

OK. Sorry about that. Clearly it's been building up. Go back to your lives.


Laura said...

oh snap. i am the exception to your rule. i put last names of everyone in my phone except my sibs! does this mean i'm a fictional tv character?? wait, do i exist?

that being said, i am the only one i know who does this.

Alison said...

I do have 2 Lauras in my phone so I dubbed you Laura From The Block.

Laura said...

oh good, so i do exist.

sarah said...

I do that too, put first and last names. Just because I like consistency, I guess?

So it really bugs me that while I was gone and everyone was using my phone there are now entries that say things like "K2". WTF?! Isn't that a mountain? Sheesh. To each their own, I suppose!

Alison said...

Well maybe I'm the only one bothered by this, but I stand by my post!