Thursday, January 7, 2010

She kissed a girl and this time, I LIKED IT!

Katy Perry. It seemed to me that she was trying a little too hard, you know? I never liked I Kissed a Girl because a) Jill Sobule already took that path and 2) it seemed to be provocative for the sole purpose of getting radio play.

But then, she had a couple of ticks in "pro" column- I) Engaged to Russell Brand- she can't be all bad and b) her cat's name is Kitty Purry.

We are at a hung jury here, folks. Or, rather, we were. I was working out this morning and ellipticalling to the 6:00am MTV video countdown (3. Empire State of Mind (Jay and Alicia Keys), 2. Tik Tok (Ke$ha) and 1. Hard (Rhianna)). MTV does their commercials at off points so they kept it rocking from Rhianna right in to... Katy Perry Unplugged. Here is where her team won- exhibit a- those awesome things in her hair and more importantly, exhibit e- she redid I Kissed a Girl and, shockingly, I liked it! I hope my former self don't mind it.


Alli said...

I have the album and I really like it but it's only like 7songs. I am currently girl crushing hard on her.

Kate said...

I can understand why!