Thursday, June 11, 2009

Interactive wardrobe

So the U.S. Postal service or somebody totally screwed me out of my May Vogue which, hello, I had to have since it had a focus on models and, hello, I've always wanted to be one. So of course I contacted customer service and asked for a late copy and of course they complied.

Now in this particular issue they featured an article on something called Closet Couture. When I started the article they started describing something that sounded exactly like the part in Clueless where Cher sits down at her computer to peruse her wardrobe and pick an outfit out. Then the article referenced this exact same part and I thought, OK, article, you now have my full attention.

So here's how the site works: you register and upload your entire wardrobe (I imagine one must clear their schedule to take pics of all their clothes, and all their shoes, and their jewelry...) which then becomes visible to everyone else registered. From there you can then compile possible outfits, pass them on to your friends, and they can rate it. This is actually pretty cool as there have been several times I've sent frantic group emails to the girls trying to describe what it is I'm wearing to get advice. You can also peruse other people's wardrobes, people you don't even know, and send them wardrobe suggestions. AND you can consult the site's stylists with questions and for services. For example the writer of the article paid a fee to have them "pack" her suitcase for an upcoming trip. Plus if you make one too many catty/uncalled for remarks, you get kicked off the site, which would be nice for when random stranger checks out your closet and tells you your taste sucks or something.

I checked it out online a bit. I don't have a what I consider an extensive enough wardrobe to join, plus I tend to wear whatever the hell I want and not care. And really I suppose I could just take pics and send them directly to friends ahead of an event. Or I could drive over to their apartment/house if they live locally. That all having been said--if I did have a fashionista closet I would sign up.

In conclusion, Clueless is still an awesome movie.

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