Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Last thing Jesus delievered to me was a pizza

Mick and I watched an episode of I'm a Celebrity...Get me out of here! rerun on MTV this weekend. It's, ah, interesting. I prefer to read about it instead. Witness the following from MSNBC.com on the demise of Speidi:

The episode opened with the pair spending the evening praying fervently in the "Lost Chamber," a shack-like shelter which boasted several spiders on the ceiling. When the two returned to camp after their cast mates decided to let them back on the show after they quit last week, they told their cast mates that they'd changed, and proclaimed their Christianity. Heidi said of the experience in the "Lost Chamber": "The only way we got through it was praying, and Jesus delivered us."

Back at camp, the pair reconciled with their cast mates, and Heidi sang a song off her upcoming album for the group. Janice Dickinson responded with what she called "constructive criticism," saying, "You know what that sounded like? A cat that someone put water on ... a drowning cat. ... I used to live in New York City, Heidi -- if someone was singing like that, someone would yell, 'Ah, shut up!'" Janice later apologized for what she said.

Heidi told her castmates that she'd always longed to be a Christian missionary, and told them she'd not always been as wealthy as she is today. "There were times in my life I couldn't afford Ramen [noodles] & I couldn't afford tampons," she said.

Things took a turn, however, when Heidi began throwing up.

Anyway so then Heidi had to go to the hospital, she's going to live, blah blah blah, they're off the show. Apparently they are going to be replaced by...Holly Montag! No word on whether or not she'll throw food to get attention. Or whether Heidi now stockpiles ramen noodles and tampons now just because she can. I mean I totally would if I were here. I would have a home recording studio complete with tampons/ramen noodles cupboards.

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Alli said...

I realize that there a very poor people out there, but who can't afford tampons? What the hell do you do? They're like six dollars a month for the expensive ones and it's not like she had this real hard knock life. I mean seriously, maybe someone forgot to tell her that affording things=a job. Is this her way of making herself relatable? Idiot.