Thursday, June 11, 2009


Have you seen ads for this Friction Block stick? Supposedly you put it on the spots of your feet that would get ravaged by a new pair of strappy sandals or ankle breaking heels and it doesn't hurt. Goes on clear, forms a protective barrier. I read some reviews on-line and it was a mixed bag. Personally, I think part of being a woman is knowing that sometimes you're going to have to break in shoes and it's going to hurt. Granted I make it a point to rarely rock such shoes so maybe if it were more of a thing in my life I might purchase it. But blisters build character, right? Right? Plus let's face it, $6 is like a flip flop splurge for me and bandaids are cheap. Footware isn't really an investment for me...those shoes are cute though! AND organic! Payless has 'em. I may have to check it out. They seem fairly foot friendly.

This has been product placement, shoes edition, with batgirl. You may go about your business now.


Alli said...

You can essentially do the same thing with vaseline that you can do with that band-aid stick. The real key is to always wear shoes that hurt cause your skin just gets tough and it stops hurting!

Kate said...

My feet are babies. I never got over the initial pain of cute shoes, but maybe that product would help me out?

I want those shoes... see ya at payless.