Sunday, June 14, 2009

Speaking of drums...

I was eating dinner with my 'rents a few nights ago and my father was talking about how he and my mom apparently watch late night talk shows now. He was listing all the great performances they've seen lately and decided we needed to watch them on youtube while we eat. We watched Green Day, Black Eye Peas (my dad thought he should tell me which one Will.I.Am is), and Mos Def. I was sort of laughing inside because I've obviously heard all of these songs before...but wait...not the Mos Def song and seriously, it rules. He plays two timpani drums while rapping. Why are people like Mos and Common so often ignored in the hip hop world while other people (ahem Diddy and Kanye) get accolades for being d bags?


Kate said...

That song rocked! Thanks Mr. and Mrs. Eyeshadow! I love that your dad pointed out Will.I.Am. What was your reaction?

My theory on the whole hip hop situation is those guys (Mos Def, Common, and I would add Talib Kweli) get the amount of mainstream recognition they want. They all have massive followings and fans, and I think the place they aren't recognized is mainstream radio (though they have all had a couple of hits that "made it"). But- with their connection to and infiltration of the hip hop world, they could easily insert themselves into that sphere if they wanted to. Especially Common, since he and Kanye are apparently BFFs forever. That's just my take on it though.

On another note- did you see Dave Chapelle's Block party? After I saw it, I renamed it Mos Def's Dave Chapelle's Block Party. Seriously. He was like Dave Chapelle's puppetmaster in that movie. It was awesome.

Done now.

Alli said...

I just said to my dad, "oh yea." It could've been taken many different ways.

I never saw Block Party, but I may have to watch it illegally online. I have a huge crush on Mos Def...and Common...Kweli isn't bad either actually.