Wednesday, June 17, 2009

WTF 2?

Ugh, guh-ross! Kristen Stewart chopped off her lovely brown locks and went for a Joan Jett mop. When she pulls it back, it's not so odd, but who cuts their hair to have it pinned up all the time. I do not appreciate the mullet-ish look at all and even more I don't like that it's accompanied by very 'rocker-ish' ensembles. She's a pretty girl, why oh why would she do this. I guess she'll get Drew Barrymore points for the balls to try something weird.


Alison said...

You know she's playing Joan Jett in a movie, right? So that's probably why she got Joan Jett's haircut, goofy.

Kate said...

While I was aware that she is playing Joan Jett in a movie, I am with Alli. That hair is absolutely disgusting. I don't really like her anyway- because she CONSTANTLY runs her fingers/hand through her hair. Hopefully now that it is SO nast, she won't be able to. God willing.

Alli said...

I know and I don't care. It's hideous. OR as perez would say, it's shiteous!