Wednesday, June 3, 2009


So out of nowhere I got one of my patented knock-me-on-my-ass colds and was subsequently delighted to find...yet another marathon of Bam's Unholy Union on MTV2! It's like Showgirls on cable, I find it's on and I can't tear myself away. Anyway in the midst of this MTV2 showed a commercial for this thing they're starting, MTV2 Legit, in which they show the best of the 90's, including but not limited to Ren and Stimpy (which I find enjoyable but a bit gross), The State (ah! ah! ah!) and the old promos featuring...Jimmy the Cab Guy! Does anyone else remember Jimmy the Cab Guy?! Donal Logue back in the day? I used to heart Jimmy the Caby Guy! Honestly MTV had some pretty fun-nay stuff during the 90's so this could be good. And a fabulous pre-cursor to the complete State being released on DVD in July, something that makes That Girl and I hyperventilate. They even said they'd play some 90's music videos. Music videos, I member those!

OK, back to dramatic sniffling and Bam.

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