Saturday, May 2, 2009

But why? WHY are you damaged?

OK, I missed the live finale of this season for Making the Band and read about what happened on-line. I was looking for a re-run on MTV but instead found The Rise and Fall of Danity Kane. A ha! Finally, our chance to find out what REALLY happened!

So, yeah, they start from the beginning, forming the band, LoriAnn boom-cat, boom-boom catting all over the place (I still recall an episode when she told the girls to "boom cat for your life!"), Aundrea and Aubrey used to be BFF's. Then after the first record it was all about Aubrey hangin' with D. Woods and Aundrea with Shannon and Dawn with Q from Day 26. The showed some unseen footage that was OK and talked about all the rumors that were always going around (like apparently there was once a rumor Aubrey was leaving the group to join the Pussycat Dolls, maybe because they're as skanky as she is I'm guessing). OK, yadda yadda, Diddy kicks Aubrey and D. Woods out, Shannon doesn't come back for the next season, Aundrea is then dismissed.

So THEN they show the parts of the live finale and D. Woods and Aubrey are all running their mouths, whatev. Then Sway asks if there's any hope for a reunion, and Aubrey says sure, eventually, Shannon seconds that, then D. Woods goes on for like a minute about absolutely nothing and Sway cuts in to say "So that's a no from D. Woods," then Diddy says they only way it would happen is with all the original members. Then the show voice over comes on and announces that means no reunion! Um...OK.

I know what you're thinking--hey, when are you going to tell us why they broke up? Well, people, I can't tell you because I don't know! They don't say! At one point they show Dawn talking to Q and saying everyone acts like they know why we broke up but they don't really know, but Q knows cause she told him once. Hey! Tell ME! Q, Dawn--SOMEBODY!

Let me tell you the show ends in a nutshell. The narrator bascially tells us what we know, which is that we don't know, and some say that it was Aubrey's fault...some say Aundrea's...some say D. Woods...still others, Dawn. But one things for sure--no one blames Shannon! Then it cuts to Diddy telling Shannon it was a pleasure to work with her, and she smiles and nods. And...that's it!
Thanks, MTV. Thanks once again for nothing.

I blame D. Woods. I never liked her.

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Alli said...

It's interesting cause I never like Juanita (which I totally forgot was her real name until I also watched the rise and fall) either.

You know who I blame? Effin Diddy. He was on their cases for the lames shit (like hair color) from the get go. Maybe the not so silent sixth member should've focused on other things like stopping Cassidy from getting that ridiculous hair cut. I don't think it's a coincidence that all of his bands have broken up after.2 seconds of making music together.

I doubt Dawn would want to get back together because she's like the only one with a real marketable future there. Although I sometimes find her irritating.

I just wanna know why Aubrey and Aundrea stopped being besties. I loved them.