Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pratt-falls, per usual.

Oh, Stephanie. You're quite the piece of work. Did it not occur to you that you should maybe be a little more upset over getting fired from your internship then being bummed some dude in a band in Chicago has a live-in girlfriend? And also, "dropped the gnarliest bomb on me"? Can we not mix early 90's words with late 90's sayings?

The Half-Hero of the half hour this week was Heidi's dad--"My real dad", as opposed to her fake one, I suppose--for mentioning things like his gun and the codes of the west thus eliciting priceless frozen facial expressions from Spencer...only to eventually give her permission to pop the question. I personally think it's because he likes the idea it irks Heidi's ma/his ex. And really her response to The Big Question being "With this ring? Hell yes!" shows how perfect they are for each other. Here's to hoping their run on the upcoming I'm a Celebrity...Get me out of here! ends with some random rabid jungle creature realizing they are not, in fact, celebrities and putting us out of our misery with a well-timed snack.

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