Saturday, May 23, 2009

I lover her. I really do.

This month my second best friend, Evangeline Lilly, is on the cover of Women's Health Magazine. Lately I've been into health magazines, so I picked it up. Her interview is short and really talks about how she loves her job at Lost but it's only a job for her. She does not see herself being an "actress" for her whole life.
Here are some wise words from the interview:

About Lost, "It was a plane crash on a desert island. I thought, 'Oh give me a break. A dramatci Gilligan's Island.' Turns out it was fucking brilliant."

About fame, "Because the only way to want millions of people invading your life is to be off your rocker. This industry is conducive to cuckoo. It likes cuckoo. It encourages cuckoo." (Ahem, Lohan!)

And my fav, "Money is the longest route to happiness."

Seriously. Rachel Mcadams had better watch out. Evangeline might give her a fun for her money.

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Alison said...

I love that pic.