Tuesday, May 26, 2009


So Krysten Ritter, who was Lucy on Gilmores and is super adorable, is also on this AMC show Breaking Bad. Or should I say WAS because on this week's episode--

Ok first let me say, this show is about meth, right? It's a pretty good show actually. Malcom in the Middle's dad gets cancer and needs money cause you know, he has cancer, and his wife is pregnant (well, WAS pregnant, she just had a very nice looking baby named Holly) and his son has cerebal palsy, and his day gig as a high school chemistry teacher clearly won't help with any of this so he starts cooking meth and partners with a former student to sell it. OK so the kid starts renting a house from Jane's dad, Jane being Krysten Ritter, and she was all oh I don't want to smoke weed with you--oh, they started dating, I should add that. So they're dating and she says doesn't want to smoke up because she's like 18 months sober, but THEN they start mixing meth and heroin so there goes that, and then her dad finds out and he's all you're going to rehab right now! and she says no, tomorrow, last time I was in rehab you didn't water my plants and they died*, and he fell for it, so then she and Jesse (oh, that's the kid's name, the meth partner) demand all this money that Walter (he's Malcom in the Middle's dad, actually real name is Brian Cranston) owes them. So then SHE says we'll start over, we're not going to blow this money on drugs, but first we better finish the drugs we have! OK, then Walter is worried about Jesse and goes over to his house, and they're both passed out because you know, they just did some heroin, and she was on her side but then rolled over which you're not supposed to DO when you're passed out on heroin because you might choke on your own vomit. Which SHE DID! And they showed it! It was disgusting! It was horrifying to watch spunky Lucy from Gilmores die choking on puke!

Which was the point of the post, by the way. Just that you get used to someone some way and then suddenly, you have to watch their new character do heroin and then choke on barf. Because she WAS on this show and now she won't be, because she's dead. Oh actually in the preview for next week they showed her being zipped up in a body bag. I mean thumbs up to girlfriend for having acting range but hopefully her next role isn't so ookie. That's all.

*She literally said that line. It sounds like the kind of goofy thing I would make up so I just wanted to clarify that. Thanks. Also, please notice I picked a picture of her with a giant teddy bear to further drive home the fact that it was horrifying to have to watch her die in such a manner. Thanks again.


Brett said...

i didn't know you watched breaking bad. I loved that star treks Q was her dad I hope to see more of him but since she died... Mr. white is one tough guy I love that his street name is heisenberg. it cracks me up.

Alli said...

She's gonna be on the gossip girl spin-off next year I believe.