Thursday, May 21, 2009

For your consideration: orbs

All right. So, clearly I believe in ghosts. We all knew that, right? Now then. Whether or not YOU believe in ghosts (Dad!) is CERTAINLY up to you. But then there are those things you perhaps just can't put your finger on, correct? So I submit to you, person reading this, the case of The Haunted Jail. Recently my fam went on a sic, sic vacay to Charleston, S.C. This included most of my siblings and our significant others and I going to a haunted jail. Did you know that Charleston is the second most haunted city in this country? (Number uno is nearby Savannah, and third is Philadelphia.) So we went to this old city jail that was closed down a really, really long time ago due to horrible conditions. Over 14,000 people died there--and that's only that we know of! Now, thankfully we didn't see any actual ghosts but the whole thing was creepy enough as is. We were allowed to take pictures and our tour guide, who was awesome, told us that what appear to be points of scattered light that appear in them are believed by some (like myself) to be orbs, or remaining spirits. Of those in my fam who took pictures, we spent the rest of the night comparing pictures and freaking out. I myself took like 40 so if you ever want to see more evidence, you could come over. Bring margaritas. Until then, I offer you two shots of the outside, one being relatively calm and one...well, not one to brag, but the tour guide was even impressed.


Brett said...

Sorry to burst your bubble. I bet you took the pictures using a small digital camera?
The truth is out there-

Alison said...

Then WHY aren't they on other pictures I've taken with the same camera? Oh snap!