Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Lost: The Bad, The Good, and The My Head Hurts

The Bad: Well, anyone who watches this life ruining show and has met me knows that I was openly weeping the minute Juliette started to get sucked into the magnetic void. I've mostly come to terms with the fact that the writers of this show are sadistic bastards but that scene was just awful. In terms of gut-wrenchingness I would rate it up with Charlie's death. My only solace was that she at least got in a "Live together, die alone" before she died. Oh, except she didn't die, she just survived a horrendous fall only to land by the undetonated H Bomb so she could beat it with a rock.

The Good: My favorite part was the triumphant albeit far too brief return of Vincent the Dog and Bernard and Rose. Leave it to Rose to steal the show with her patented dry humor in her response to the question What are you doing here? with "We're retired." Actually the explanation that followed it made pretty good sense. I mean, if you're older, and you beat cancer by surviving a plane crash after which all hell broke loose and then you time warped and flaming arrows flew everywhere and you eventually get the chance to just chillax on the beach with your true love and an awesome dog after all of that shiz went down, go for it.

The My Head Hurts: Oh, hey, a large box, what's in the box? What's in the large box you're carrying around, crazy people who ask what lies in the shadow of the statue? On second thought, I changed my mind, I don't want to kn--oh, of course! OF COURSE it's the dead body of the person who's also alive inside the foot of the statue that the shadow lies in front of! It all makes sense now!

F***ing Lost.

Side note to Alli: Mick made the excellent suggestion you relocate here for the final season.


Kate said...

Yeah. You lost me at magnetic void. Just take a step back and be not you for a second- what the eff are you saying???

What did big Jeffrey think about the ep?

Alli said...

The problem is that WE hardly know what we're saying