Saturday, May 16, 2009

These are the REAL housewives

Though few of them are wives and pretty much none of them are housewives, these are the real deal people.  

I have been watching and loving Bravo's Real Housewives of specific location since the start of RHO Orange County. I was a little skeptical when they started RHO New York City but somehow it is even better than Orange County.  I gotta admit I didn't love RHO Atlanta (I still enjoyed it though) and now they are starting RHO New Jersey, which I think I am going to feel about the same as Atlanta.  I am pretty sure the vast majority of women on the NJ show are actively in the mob.  

Anywho- I am catching up on the DVR and having the best night in trying to catch up with 6 hours of RHO NYC.  These ladies are AMAZING.  I like them the best because they love you or hate you on a minute by minute basis and let you know.  By you I of course don't mean YOU, buy you get it.  There are 6 women followed on the show- one is a snarky celeb chef I love, a super-Jew NYC lady and her gay husband, a bug-eyed lady who likes to talk about how unclassy some people are, a Countess who is now in the process of a divorce but has made it clear she will keep her title, a very odd woman who will only go shopping with her husband there to sit on a couch and pick out her clothes, and this new bitch.  Really.  She happens to be the ex-wife and baby mama of Gilles Bensimon who I remember as a photographer from many an episode of Tyra Banks Teaches 11 skinny girls and 1 "plus size"girl how to smile with their eyes.  His ex, Kelly, is a serious bitch and I am not enjoying her presence on this otherwise remarkable show.  
I clearly have nothing to say about the show except that I love it and am having the best night watching it for hours.  I can't wait to have my gay husband redecorate my upper east side condo for the 7th time, bank rolled by my actual husband, while I chill in the Hamptons for the summer.  That's going to be pretty sweet.  

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