Saturday, October 18, 2008

Are you foaming at the mouth or just brushing your teeth? I need to know before I aim for your brain.

OK, so yesterday I decided to go see Quarantine. As I walked in I remembered how at The Strangers which scared the holy hell out of me and best believe I will be purchasing it on Tuesday when it comes out, a family sat in front of us. With their 3 SMALL CHILDREN. And I said I'm going to say something! and Mick said no you're not! and of course at Quarantine after I sat in the row behind 3 obnoxious boys, who should enter? Oh yes, a family with young children. And yes, they sat behind me. I gave up shortly after and moved forward several rows, partly to be closer and partly to escape my surroundings. I am a 28 year old who swears by the Texas Chainsaw Masscare (the original!) and both The Strangers and Quarantine freaked me out. I hope their kids have nightmares they have to deal with so they can realize you do not take your kids to horror movies. Granted my parents never let us see anything growing up so that affects how I feel, but regardless, kids don't need to see that shiz. I didn't and I turned out just fine! and loving movies like Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Anyway I liked the movie. It scurred me. Towards the end it became a sort of cross between Blair Witch and The Descent. And it featured a random cast of b-list actors such as Jennifer Carpenter (aka Emily Rose), Jay Hernandez (first seen in Crazy Beautiful, then nothing until Hostel), one of the lawyers from Ally McBeal as the dude in the apartment who isn't a medical doctor but! is a vet so therefore qualified to act as a sort of doctor, and Christina Applegate's ex sporting a Burt Reynold's porn stache. All that was missing was a singer or rapper looking to break into film.

P.S. to the actor who played Luke Danes, I know times is tough but were Saw 4 AND 5 really necessay? Like Lorelai would even go those!

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Alli said...

Maybe he just gave up, knowing that you couldn't get better than Gilmore.