Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Hills: The DVR Edition

Thanks to my DVR I am able to catch my fave shows fashionably late. Yeah, I gotta avoid spoilers, such as my friend Alison's last post, but hey- at least I don't have to watch commercials! Though as I type this I am watching a commercial break from the Hills. Cell phone commercial- big news.

Anyway- I know Alison went through this, but I need a turn too.

Another luxury my DVR affords me is the ability to rewind my shows. Regardless of how many times I rewind, I am still not sure what Justin Bobby is trying to say. He remotely is interested in Audrina and it's a Catch 22 that he needs to spend time with someone to be in a relationship AND he enjoys 90% of the time he spends with Audrina. That's a toughie dude- good luck with that one. Total Catch 22.

Audrina's convo with her co-worker:
Coworker: Brandy was cool, right?
Audrina: (something to the effect of) I feel bad that I left to talk to Justin.
Yeah- that was a real bummer. Brandy was totally flowing on her new song but when Audrina left, the whole thing really just fell apart. That Brandy had a good thing going but since Audrina walked out of the studio I heard things just really went south. And now I will never see the Moesha reunion I have always dreamed of. Now THAT'S a Catch 22. Right?

P.S. Audrina's coworker lamented that it must be so hard that everytime Audrina is not with JB he just comes and "Sweeps her off her feet." Really? REALLY?? I feel quite sad for this Chiara person that she thinks pulling up all dirty on a motorcycle and saying that "I will pretty much always be there for you" is being swept off one's feet.

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