Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Hills have eyes...and have burned mine.

All right. I prefer it when The Hills centers around Lauren. And when Lo and Whitney get more airtime. I wish Whitney was featured more then mid-episode working with Lauren serving as a sort-of "let's recap what's going on so far!" moment. And granted I was over Lo for awhile there, but now I'm missing the once weekly times when she would say something appalling, Lauren's mouth would drop open, Lo would shrug and get that "sorry but it's true!" look on her face, then the wacky wa-wa-wa-wa-wa-wa, dramatic noise music and...cut to commercial! I'm definitely over Audrina. And while her new Austrailian boytoy is a big improvement over JustinBobby (not that it takes much), maybe someone should suggest to him that a white baseball cap paired with a white button-down shirt is a tad bit blinding. Though an exact oppsoite of JustinBobby's normal black flannelish attire...Hmmm. A boy fashion play on good and evil, perhaps?

And L.B.H., Frankie and Doug are like girls the way they run around stirring up drama. (It occurs to me that I probably shouldn't stereotype girls like that, but seriously, the guys I hang out with don't gossip and plant thoughts the way that these guys do. I mean I don't think I do that either. Sure I gossip, but...whatever. They're like stereotypable girls. There. I made up a word AND I didn't abandon my gender.) (Much.)

In conclusion, to refer back to title of my post...JustinBobby naked in a pool. My eyes! My eyes! Would Listerine get this burning sensation out?

(Side note, Pink is an evil genius for her new single, the multiple na na's insure that it's stuck in my head for at least an hour after I hear it on the radio.)


Erik said...

What I would like to know is why Audrina is fine with JustinBobby telling her that he's going to hook up with other girls in Cabo. And she proceeds to make out with him topless in their pool. She is an idiot.

Alli said...

Agree with Erik. Audrina cannot get mad at JB for doing exactly what he says he will. If you want a nicer boyfriend, go get one fool.

Also, I just had to download Pink's song because it's been stuck in my head for days.