Monday, October 27, 2008

Charlie's brother is a jerk.

Last night didn't re-open any burning questions for me on Lost (although it did get bumped back to 12:05). Well, except what does "You all everybody" by Driveshaft mean? Do they mean we all as individual people are the same as everybody else? Or are they just trying to get our attention in a grammatically incorrect way?

It did inspire me to read up on the show on Wikipedia and IMDB and in case you care (which you should, because it is the awesomest show) I will now share it with you. One constant (a ha!) is that a lot of the roles in their original imagining were changed based on auditions. Like Charlie's character was supposed to be an older rock has-been but they changed it because they liked Dominic. Hurley's character was created after Jorge Garcia auditioned for someone else but they liked him so much, they made Hurley. The actress who plays Sun auditioned for Kate but again, they liked her not for that role and created Sun. Kate was supposed to be more like Rose's character but was re-written. Kate was also supposed to originally take over as leader of the group when Jack was written to die off in the first episode; this was of course changed. Because of that Michael Keaton, who was originally approached for the role of Jack, declined as he didn't want the long-term gig. Ben Henry was also added in more because they enjoyed his performance so much, that stupid smug ass. And my personal fav bit of trivia--Sawyer's character was first envisioned as a slick suit-wearing con man; then Josh Holloway forgot his line during his audition and proceeded to kick his chair and start swearing. Luckily this was so endearing to the creators that they re-wrote the role for him.

Sadly there was no trivia about Desmond. It's a shame, brotha.
(Please note that bearing with these posts recycling old episodes will better prepare you for when the next season begins as Alli and I get a bit obsessive. In fact if our Kate ever disappears it's because we kidnapped her and forced her to watch all preceding seasons.)

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Alli said...

It's interesting reading all this trivia because it makes it feel like the writers never really had a plan if they could be swayed so quickly by actors being amazing...maybe that's the answer to your previous question about the white stones...