Tuesday, October 14, 2008

No more Bitchassness or I heart Michelle Obama

Am I the only one confused by the live finale of Making the Band? To quickly recap the end, Diddy meets with the girls and says, "I do what I want" and "Aubrey you out, D. Woods you can go with her" then leaves. Aubrey and D. say goodbye while the other girls are left stunned and are called back to get a group hug from Diddy. Maybe, had we been clued into the problems the girls were having, this conclusion would've made sense. As we were not ever shown any arguments or mistrust, I'm left completely sideswiped and thinking Diddy sounds like a douche. I'm also confused as to why the three girls left didn't ban together and say "This is our group and if they're not in it, we're not in it". Didn't we learn anything from the Friends casts' million dollar paychecks? Unity can equal money and power girls.

In the final part of the show the remaining (still visibly shocked) girls are interviewed by Sway (who promises that they're will be nothing left unanswered). They say they're not sure they'd do another season of Making the Band, but I was kind of left under the impression that the drama may be for publicity and intrigue for the next season. Am i wrong? Didn't it feel sort of unanswered and cliff hangery? I think if there were no reality show, Danity Kane would be (and will be) unsuccessful and leave us with just another True Hollywood Story.

So really, at the end of the hour, the only thing I know for sure is that both Diddy and Aubrey are voting for Obama and that Aubrey thinks he's the change that we need in this world.

Thanks for that news flash.


Alison said...

I'll tell you this much, sweeping Diddy statements like "I am not the bad guy" would be a bit more believable if he actually made eye contact with the camera when delivered. Maybe I'll try making defining statements while my eyes are looking up at the ceiling. Maybe he's answering to God?

Alli said...

OOh i loved when he told the girls that they shouldn't bring God into their petty stuff because that is disrespecting God. I'm sure Diddy's holier than thou attitude and calling Aubrey a motherfucker are exactly what God wants. Tool.

karL said...

walkin around lookin toe up!