Friday, October 17, 2008

The Eyeshadow should not read this until ready.

I re-watched The Project Runway finale last night and even the b.f. Mick got into it, realizing early on that Kenley is slightly unhinged and LeeAnne is awesome (though he also christened her Dr. Teeth). And I, personally, am glad that J.Lo supposedly had to back out due to a foot injury (then mysteriously competed in a triathalon shortly after...) because otherwise we may have never gotten to hear Heidi introduce special guest judge Tim as "a hot hottie" in her fleeting German accent. They're the cutest couple since Will and Grace. So anyway


(that's how they do it in mags and on-line anyway)
I was rooting for LeeAnne and her collection definetely reminded me why. It was goregous and cohesive and she so deserved the win she was awarded. Kenley's was charming as one judge remarked but did have some Balenciaga to it (incldued in this link are the gladiator boots that all the fashion mags went ga-ga over and featured far too heavily in my opinion as they are ugly city). And Korto's was good and did include 2 Top Modelites (Bianca and Danni) but just lacked the sophistication of LeeAnne's. I would totally rock her clothes if I was sophisticated. I mean the wave moments on the skirts would hide both The Bulge and The Flat Ass (did I mention the butt implants b.f. keeps playfully suggesting? I'm no Miss New Booty over herr).

In conclusion, yes, I'm sure it's a bit heartbreaking to make a whole collection and not win the competition, but think about how far you made it, the opportuinity you were given. Try to factor that in to your post-losing camera face time and be a little more graceful. There's better ways to deal with disappointment then once again lamenting the judges pointing out the harsh truth to you (Kenley, who likes to deem everything bullsh*t) or using the phrase "My heart is bleeding" (Korto) which is a phrase much better reserved for mooning over other things, like if I were to say, "JustinBobby claiming to have gotten it on with Lauren? My heart is bleeding for her."


karL said...

oh are you kidding - i'd die for those boots. and then i'd never wear them.

Alison said...

You're right, you would die for them, cause if you bought them I would beat you over the head with them for buying them in the first place.

Alli said...

I LOVE those gladiators. I sigh a little everytime I see Rihanna wear crazy.