Saturday, October 11, 2008

Sarah Palin = Meg White

I am reckoning this will be the first of many theories- and boy is it a good one.

I was at work yesterday and was, for some reason I can't remember, trashing Meg White. I was expressing my frustration at her lack of drumming skills and had to tune out my coworker as he was explaining her symbolic role in the White Stripes.

As I was further expounding on her inabilities to perform the task for which she was selected I had a brilliant epiphany that Meg White IS the Sarah Palin of Rock. Let's journey this path together:
-Meg White- Woefully inexperienced for the position that gained her notoriety
- Sarah Palin- ditto

-Meg White- Most likely chosen for her looks and the quirkiness of her position
- Sarah Palin- yep

-Meg White- "Signature" Meg White style, making her easy to parody when the occasion arises.
-Sarah Palin- just ask Tina Fey

-Meg White- Her career would come to a screeching halt if Jack White dies, landing her in hard times
-Sarah Palin- Yes- and with John McCain it is more plausible and it would land us in hard times

-Meg White- Virtually unheard of until she was selected to sit behind someone with talent
-Sarah Palin- I think this one is obvious

I could go on, but I am sure you can see where this is going. Leave a comment if you have other supporting evidence.

Plus, I heard that Sarah Palin and John McCain are brother and sister- or wait, I think they were married.

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Laura said...

AWESOME! I'm so emailing this!