Monday, October 13, 2008

Lost re-runs: re-ruining my life

The local ABC station is running Lost again from the beginning every Sunday at midnight o' five.

I was a Lost fiend from the very beginning, mostly because I had no cable in the hole of the house I was living in overrun by cats and their owners who did things like put their bird in the bathroom when they wanted to sleep in. Eventually I made Alli get into it too, which connected us across the country when I lived in L.A. and we would send each other heartwarming messages like, "I hate you for making me watch this" and "I hate you for not telling me what's going to happen since you already saw this episode" and "I hate this show."

Now that I'm rewatching I'm picking up on little things. Like the fact that when Jack finds his dad's coffin it's empty--did he perhaps come back to life due to the island's magical powers since we end up seeing him in a cabin that doesn't actually exist a few seasons later? Also, the first time through, I had a huge crush on Boone for being so man-pretty. Now, I realize, dude's kind of a d-bag. Which I really should have realized before since most of the man-pretty guys I fell for in real life turned out to be d-bags. OK, OK, fine--the not-so-man-pretty ones too.

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