Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The Hills: now with 15% more Lauren!

Finally there was at least a little more Lauren this week, including a sassy sassy pool shoving moment with Brody. Of course once again there was way too much Audrina, who is a flippin idiot. To recap: Justin shows up at her work assignment in a recording studio with Brandy (helpfully labeled under her name as "recording artist") to make yet another bid to win Audrina back which included the oh-so romantic and intelligent line, "To be in a relationship, you kinda gotta, like, be together." Oh, wow, is THAT what a relationship is? Thanks for clearing that up, SkullCap. And really how could she not want to be with him after he assures her he "will pretty much always" be there for her. That's comforting. I would swoon if a guy professed his love that way. I mean, maybe if I have something going on and you really need me I might not be able to make it, but most of the time I will probably make a solid effort. Maybe. All this from a guy who incorrectly uses the phrase Catch 22 (can he even READ?) and puts together awesome outfits. No wonder Audrina dumped the cute Aussie guy who invited her to his homeland for a visit after giving her a koala! Did anybody else catch the saddy sad sack look he had after she unceremoniously gave him the heave-ho with completely lame reasons? Poor guy. It looks like Audrina's moving out anyway--I say, let's hook up Lauren with Cory. This would be a good pairing. Lauren would appreciate the koala.

And I'll tell you this much for free--Audrina's co-worker Chiara is way cooler then Audrina. She should move in the backyard villa when Audrina vamooses. That's all I'll give you for free though, rent's due soon and the pockets they are a-empty.

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Alli said...

I was wondering about the Catch-22 comment too!

I also found it tres bitchy when
Audrina told him she'd keep the koala forever and then proceeded to tell him she essentially loves JB more. Honestly, I like Audrina but this show does nothing to show her coolness anymore. And why she thinks Lauren would seriously hook up with him I'll never know. Seriously, he's not smart, totally into himself, and not even that cute.