Monday, October 20, 2008

More Lost musings

Apparently the local ABC station really wants to test my dedication to Lost as they have now bumped the re-runs from 12:05 A.M. Monday morning to 12:35 (following a re-run of America's Home Videos, what a pair!). But I showed them. I still stayed up and watched! Bring it on, ABC. Bump it up to 1:05 after a block of Home Improvement for all I care!

Anyway random moment from last night, after the bee attack Kate discovers 2 decomposed dead bodies in the caves near the fresh water. Jack finds a pouch with one black stone and one white stone in it in one of their pockets. Re-watching it reveals all of these random things I feel like we'll never know. Not that it will matter in the big scheme of things, as long as the major things are answered. But it might be cool if they pop in explanations of things like that. Maybe they think we forgot! Well, I mean, technically I did. It's not like during the last season I was breathlessly awaiting an explanation for The Mystery Of The Stones In The Dead Dude's Pocket. Maybe I can wrangle my way on the writing team. "OK, guys, hear me out. So next season, Jin is discovered alive and he reveals that black and white stones originally found in the first season symbolize the good and the evil! The yin and the yang! And the bodies were cave people! Ones that raised polar bears!...Oh, um, and he apparently magically learned English at some point. How? Ah...let me get back to you on that one."

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