Friday, October 24, 2008

Memos to The Hills boys:

Memo to Frankie: Ahhh, poor Frankie. Did you not get the memo we sent about how in boy hot tub scenes everyone will be wearing backwards baseball caps and sunglasses?

Memo to Doug: All girls are shady, huh? Not boys though. Like that totally un-shady time you asked Stephanie out, right? Just so you know making sweeping statements like that are a dead giveaway that you're currently not getting any, haven't gotten any for awhile and furthermore will not be getting any anytime soon. But hey, nice backwards cap and sunglasses in the hot tub!

Memo to Justin: Appearing to do jaw-stretching exercises during "serious" conversations in an attempt to look cool fails miserably. Every.Time.

Memo to Brody: Um...happy belated birthday? Yeah, I got nothing. You're pretty boring, dude. P.S. your boyfriends are tools.


Alli said...

"Girls are shady" say the dudes gossiping in the pool.

I love Brody though.

Kate said...

I agree with Alli. I bet Brody is a total tool, but he is the only boy on the show that I enjoy.

I love how totally random and out of the blue Doug's comment was- good one, Doug. Very profound.

And since when are all these boys friends? That's a whole post...