Saturday, October 18, 2008


Mick and I were finishing a movie so we only saw the last 2 minutes of Sarah Palin on SNL. We figured we could see the whole thing on internet anyway. What we saw was funny I guess, though moreso because it was Alec Baldwin. I have mixed feelings about her being on. I always thought it was kind of cool that for the most part the actors on SNL seem to be democratic but still give equal access to Republican candidates to make appearances and poke fun of themselves. I think what truly bothers me is that as a woman, I do not like her. I don't like her at all. I remember when Elizabeth Dole came to our college campus and my immediate feeling was, as a feminist, I don't endorse her because she's a woman--I don't endorse at all because I am a woman. It's the same way with Sarah Palin. Would it be cool if a woman become president or vice-president? Absolutely--if she was pro-woman. Dole wasn't. Palin certainly isn't.

Right after we finished the skit I went on-line and this was on Perez. It kind of confirmed for me why I was bothered she was on SNL. Men run for office all of the time. When a woman runs for office it's more significant--especially when she becomes the men she's running with. Truly I believe the fact that she would be vice president would bother me more then McCain being president, because in my mind, she is a betrayl to our gender.

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