Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Celeb sitings 101

My brother, what with living in L.A. and working in The Industry, is excellent at keeping me up with his random celeb sitings. When I lived there I had some all right ones. I saw Marilyn Manson and Dita Von Teese but this wasn't necessarily random since it was his art opening and can I add A) I would kill for her skin and B) he is an idiot for leaving her for Evan Rachel Wood. I worked at a frozen yogurt shop for a bit and saw the following: Mike Tyson (scurry), Jason Bateman (several times), Jason Biggs, Drew Barrymoore (who truly should just have cartoon bluebirds of happiness flying around her head), Rosario Dawson (gorgeous!) and the counselor from My So-called Life, who I made sure to inform I was very depressed after the show was cancelled. I also once sold a Black Rebel Motorcycle Club t-shirt to Frankie Shorty Short Short Muniz for his lady friend, equally shorty short. My brother and I have now both seen Steve Perry, although his siting was in a Staples Parking lot whereas mine was handing him frozen yogurt across the counter while trying not to burst out with useless Journey stories like "Oh my gosh Steve Perry this one time my friends Weez and Jordan sang 'Wheel in the Sky' at Wednesday ngiht karoke at the Moose Lodge and we all waved our fists and sang along!".

So anyway yesterday my brother sent me a text saying that he saw...Audrina from The Hills! Apparently in person you can better see how gifted she is the chest endowment department. He didn't mention Justin Bobby. Which is probably just as well. The combination siting of the 2 would probably have given him gonorrhea of the eyes or something.

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