Friday, October 24, 2008

When worlds collide: The Hills/Hollywood Siblings additon.

OK so I'm watching The Hills: The Lost Scenes. I'm only seeing the second half as I had to first finish re-runs of Bam's Unholy Union on MTV 501 or however many channels they have now. So far this second 30 of the show is a lot of Audrina, blah. Like apparently she got tested for allergies and found out she's allergic to cats--and then proceeded to get Lauren's cat shaved without consulting Lauren. Nice, Audrina...Wait, Lauren has a cat?

They also had a montage of Audrina's string of dates that led nowhere. I really didn't do much dating but I'm relieved to be in a relationship and out of the dating thing. OK, out of the chasing boys thing. Anyway apparently during season 1 she went on a date with...Shannon Leto! Shannon Leto is totally in the band 30 Seconds to Mars and was also Shane (I had no idea that was his character name, I IMDB'd it just now) on My So-Called Life--you know, the vaguely lost looking, mono-syllabic pretty dude who hung around Jordan Catalano like a puppy. He made some great "Go ahead, man. You want to ditch me to hang out with the red head? See if I care. I'll go find Tino" faces during the infamous Boiler Room epsiode when Jordan finally sees the light at the end. And in case you're not catching on to last names, he happens to be Jared's brother. They look alike if you study them. Not that I care to look way from Jared. Thank god he and Audrina never worked out. Jared Leto's big brother deserves way cooler then some chick who gets other people's cats shaved. Can I get an amen?