Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Brazzlefrat. Bendelschnitz.

Last week I was really sick, so besides feeling sorry for myself all I did was watch Gilmore Girls. I'm convinced my Gilmore high was part of the reason that after three days of bingeing, I felt almost completely better. I decided to copy Alison and comprise a list of (some of) my favorite moments (in no particular order):

-Rory calls Logan a "Jerk! Ass, arrogant, inconsiderate, mindless, frat-boy, lowlife, butt-faced miscreant"

-Jess and Rory hold hands before their first kiss

-Rory sings 'Candy Man' after she loses her V to stupid Dean

-Lane agrees to marry Zach and (I think) Babette says, "kiss him sugar" and Kirk excitedly yells, "Yea, kiss him sugar!"

-Lorelai convinces Rory to put sugar on her toes to make Paul Anka like her

-At the winter carnival right before she makes a ridiculous throw to knock over some bottles, Rory says to Jess, "I'm a girl, we're supposed to throw like this." (I'd be offended if it weren't so hilarious)

-Paris gets drunk and makes this odd raspberry noise to people who won't give her some change

-Rory gets frustrated when she tries to end her open relationship with Logan and says, "I need a taco."

-On Rory's first night at Yale, she and Lorelai howl at some boys. (The end of that scene kills me)

-After Rory does the deed with stupid Dean again, Lane says the "Miss Patty would be so proud" to know that Rory did it at her studio

-For some reason Richard and Emily open up their house for people to look at like a museum and a lady sees the family having dinner and says "Oh, look they even hired actors" and Richard indignantly says, "We are not actors!" (It doesn't sound funny but the way he says it crack me up)

-Lastly, and most importantly, my favorite scene is when Jess goes into the bookstore that my good friend Alison took me to in Venic Beach

There are many other where that came from, cause frankly I could probably come up with a few from every episode, but I'll leave those for other sick days.

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Alison said...

I love when Kirk interacts with Babette and Miss Patty. Like when they're trying to speak in code about Lor and Chris breaking up and her belonging with Luke and they're using types of animals for code names and he finally gets very indignant that they would imply those animals could reproduce together.