Wednesday, March 18, 2009

REALLY?? (the lunchbreak edition)

We are supposed to feel very sorry for Nadya Suleman that the hospital won't give her her babies. She laments about getting life back to normal ON HER VIDEO BLOG. Who would go onto their VIDEO BLOG to talk about we should all just leave her alone and let her get back to normal. She should leave us alone and let us forget about her.

Further, she understands that the hospital is "doing its best" for her babies, but she wants to remind us all that she "never asked for all of this." REALLY?

I would like to remind her that she did ask for this, several times.
-She had tons of baby seedlings planted in her
-Got lip injections after said baby seedlings were born
-Made the rounds to EVERY single news outlet/talk show/VIDEO BLOG she could, having her parents hit up the ones she missed (really, Oprah? Come on- where was Lisa Ling that day?)
-Has pictures continually taken of her in the hospital holding her babies- that can't be paparazzi cuz the hospital wouldn't let them in, so I am pretty sure she brings photographers. (sidebar- she is never ever ever looking at her babies in all those pictuers- she is either posing for the camera or looking off into the distance. What a loving, doting mother)
-And in the last note of her asking for "all of this" and more- she made a website asking for it! REALLY???

PS- Did I mention she has a VIDEO BLOG????

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Alison said...

Frankly I was surprised she turned the porn offer down.