Thursday, March 19, 2009

Peace out, Audrina

Well, apparently Audrina scored herself a deal for her own show after she leaves The Hills this season. From what I can tell it won't necessarily be on MTV. In the same article it said then when asked if most of the girls leaving the show (apparently Lo is dunzo as well) means an end, an MTV spokesperson responded, "We cannot confirm a sixth season at this time. However, 'The Hills' will continue as long as there are stories to tell, and as of now we don't see an end in sight." Well, I can confirm something, wishy-washy: I want nothing to do with it! Or Audrina's spin-off!

I just wanted to clarify that. As I know everyone was waiting with breaths held to see if Batgirl would be endorsing such things. Now, if Justin Bobby gets a show...Then we'll talk. Hmm, talk, show...I've got it! A Lo and Justin Bobby co-hosted talk show!

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