Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Smells like Radiohead

So, apparently there's a "feud" between...Miley Cyrus and Radiohead. This apparently started at The Grammys when Miley found out the band's dressing room was right near hers, got super stoked, texted all her friends, and had her manager request a meeting with them since she apparently loves them. (Does anyone else find it odd that Miley Cyrus loves Radiohead?) When said request was politely turned down (they don't really do that sort of thing was said answer), Miley was apparently not pleased. In fact, she was so not pleased she did not watch their performance. AND to really drive the point home, she apparently went on a radio station to share this amusing little anecdote and capped it off with the following statement: "Stinkin' Radiohead! I'm gonna ruin them. I'm going to tell everyone."

So, please, Radiohead fans of the world, listen up: Disney's Hannah Montana would like you to know that your favorite band stinks for not meeting her at the Grammy's. Feel free to get a bulldozer and run over your Radiohead CD collection in a show of solidarity.

Frankly you should probably feel a bit shamed that you and Miley Cyrus have the same taste in music.

And as for you, Miley--don't think you're alone in the world. Apparently Kanye didn't get to meet them, either.

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Kate said...

Hmmm- Miley liking Radiohead? I don't find it odd as much as I find it untrue.