Saturday, March 21, 2009

If you all are winners, I'm cool with loser status.

OK, I definitely appreciated The Eyeshadow's post on this last episode of The Real World, and I admit I teared up both when Obama won (I had almost forgotten about that twist!) and when Ryan got the call from his brother. But I can't sit idly by without mentioning the idiot twins, Scott and Chet. Scott isn't as bad, though his exasperated exclamation of "whether McCain wins or Obama wins, you still win cause you're an American!" was a little over my head. I know when Bush won I wasn't thinking, well, it's still cool, I still live here so we all win! The real dbag here, yet again, is Chet. Chet, babycrying over the election, saying how the Republicans didn't boo anyone! after they left the party early, when FYI they actually did boo during McCain's concession speech. But the icing on the dbag cake was clearly...

...the life size cut-out.
Yes, apparently Chet was able to live out his life-long dream of getting a life-size cut-out of himself, which he then proudly displayed high on the wall of their living quarters with a paper word bubble saying "Chet is so cool." In a prank-filled house, was anyone surprised when the elated democrat roommates came home post-victory and posted a picture of Obama's face over Chet's? Apparently Chet was! Chet was to the point that he cried art defamtion, since apparently, quote: "A life-size cut-out cardboard of myself is a piece of art." Firstly, ah, no. No, it is not. Secondly, as Ryan points out, were it actually to be considered a piece of art, cut to me gagging, YOU did exactly one thing for it which was put on your little purple scarf and pose. EVERYTHING ELSE was done by the cut-out people. Therefore, it would be THEIR art. And such a sentiment would probably have them gagging as well.

So, congratulations, Chet. Really, you've outdone yourself. I didn't think anyone could top wearing a baseball cap with their own name written on it in purple to match their purple scarf. But, no, you've one-upped even yourself this time. Or should I say, you in cardboard one-upped yourself?

Still gagging a little.

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Alli said...

I also love the fact that it's his life dream. Wouldn't your life dream be to have one made of you because you're so famous or a character you played was so famous that nerds and obsessives want one. Who's dream is it that one day someone will just make you a cardboard cut out for your eyes only? fucking tool.