Friday, March 20, 2009

He looks like that G.L.B. model...

Like my brother and his lady friend, I enjoy googling background information about things I am watching.  So I was googling our friend (I mean that sarcastically of course) Jay's band, Tamarama.  They were named after a beach, FYI.  Pottsy's and Jay's favorite beach in Australia.

From here I find out that Jay's ex-girlfriend is a Victoria's Secret model.  And then that lead to the revelation that Jay is a former model.  Or is he?  Well, a guy named Brent Tuhtan was a model. Yes, that's right.  JAY LYON IS BRENT TUHTAN.  Well, technically Brent Tuhtan is Jay C. N. G. Lyon.  As Alison said, it's like he has a nurse in the middle of his name.

So, in trying to find out where this info came from, I was lead here.  I'll just let you know the important part- as excerpted from the site: 

Laurence Y Payg is Britain's only professional name analyst. He makes his living advising parents on names for their offspring, and by choosing new names for people who feel they aren't getting the best out of life. His own name may seem unusual, but that's because he practices what he preaches. He changed it by deed poll to achieve his aims.

He's a professional y'all.  There is a girl he renamed Alison N. G. Day and she got a promotion the day she changed her name.  And Jay DHGNFM Lyon got on the City!  But really, what's with the Cs and Ns and Gs?  If he has studied this for 18 years you would think he would utilize the other 23 letters of the alphabet.  But I guess, if you got a good thing going.  

But honestly, if your livelihood depended on you coming up with new powerful names for people, and you boast about "practicing what you preach," one would think you would come up with a name that was pronounceable.  If I saw him in the pointless career yellow pages as a name analyst and I followed the little dotty line to that shiz, I would keep moving.  I am perfectly capable of adding pointless letters to my own name, thanks. 

That W.O.W.T. Girl

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Alison said...

I think if I were a parent I'd be a little annoyed if my kid called me said hey ma, the name you gave me isn't cutting it so I'm going to get a new weird one complete with odd spelling and random letters thrown in the middle! I think I would say, well, kid, for one thing I picked that name out for you and you popped outta me so show some respect, and for another maybe your name isn't cutting it for you success-wise cause you're lazy, or actually not talented, or in a band named after a beach. Hey, maybe you should change THAT name instead!